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Hi everyone, 

So, this is the first blog for our site, this blog is designed to save you money!  

If you work in the construction industry or are looking to start working within this sector you will need to be in possession of a Green labourers CSCS card.  To get one of these you need to have a Health and Safety level 1 in construction certificate and pass the touch screen test.  

All of this can be daunting, time consuming and expensive so we thought it would be great if we could give you some tips on how the process can work for you.  The first hurdle for people is normally the Health and safety in construction course.  It is available from several suppliers and having looked into a number of these the most expensive I found was £150 and the cheapest was £75.  Many people fall into the trap of thinking that because the course costs less it isn’t the correct one.  Rest assured if the course is titled Health and safety in a construction environment or words to that effect it is the correct course.  

I charge £75 and have had many people chose a more expensive provider because they think it isn’t the right course.  If you want to make sure it is correct all you need to do is see who is accrediting the course.  There are loads of awarding bodies (people that accredit the course) out there and it really doesn’t matter which one your certificate comes from.  They are all accepted, and all provide the same qualification.  

When it comes to the touch screen test you have to visit an approved centre, book an appointment etc.  The prices of this are pretty standard throughout so you don’t need to worry about searching around.    There are loads of practice tests available online, some are free others you have to pay for.  There is also a book that you can buy that has all the questions in it but having spoken with a number of candidates that have tried both methods it seems that people prefer to pay the £8 registration to get as many practice tests as you want.  They are great because they give you feedback straight away.

When I sit with candidates to help them with these the most common mistakes, they make is not reading the question properly and not reading all of the answers before making their choice.  The questions themselves aren’t there to catch you out they highlight the key words that you need to pay attention to, for example, which of these IS NOT a form of mechanical aid.  

You also have to make sure that you read all 4 answers before selecting, many of the answers are very similar and will only have a couple of words different so be careful.  To give you and example,  

Where should flammable products be stored?

In a secure bung, near the entrance

In a secure bung, in fresh air

In a secure bung, away from ignition sources

In a secure bung, that is locked away

I’ve seen loads of people read “in a secure Bung” on the first answer and tick that without reading the additional answers.  The more you practice before the test the less likely you are to need a retest and will save yourself the fees that go with it.

Anyway, I hope this has helped you with your journey, and good luck with your exams.